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The Process
How to Interview an Architect
How to Interview an Architect

Interview & Selection

Meet with at least two architecture firms before making a selection. Newberry Architects will be happy to provide you with a guide to assist you in conducting a thorough interview. A sampling of the items we illustrate on this guide are:

  • What is their work like? If you are not familiar with their work, ask to see both photographs and the actual properties.
  • Are they accountable? Inquire with their references whether the architect follows design and construction schedules, meets budget goals and communicates clearly.
  • What is included in their proposal? Make sure you understand what services are being provided for the fees quoted. Are there any soft costs that may not be included, such as printing or additional consultants?
  • Are you comfortable with them? A good working relationship is critical to a good design. Look for good communications and a comfort level. How do you get along with the architect? Do you feel like you are being heard? Will you enjoy working with this person for a year or more?