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About Us

Newberry Architects LLC is a full-service architecture firm established in 1997 by Founder/Sr. Principal Ken Newberry. The firm was founded on a desire to create architecture that simultaneously embodies clients’ personal style and enhances their daily experiences.  As a result, the firm has established and maintained close working relationships with its clients.

Initially working in two small rooms in the back of Ken’s house, the original staff shared desk space, phones and other equipment—so pressed for space the bathroom doubled as the print room.  While this may have been efficient in some aspects, the team anxiously awaited the completion of a new office building.  Even with the spatial challenges, they remained focused on their projects and the needs of their clients. The leaders continued to foster collaboration across the many phases involved in the design, documentation and construction process while defining their relationships with clients, contractors and consultants. 

A year after its formation, the firm moved into the new office and continued expanding its portfolio and staff. Two years later, its client-centric vision led to projects throughout the Houston area and on both coasts, one in the bay area of California and others in New York and Connecticut.  Currently, the firm has completed projects throughout the US and around the world, including the countries of Belize, Canada, Italy, and Mexico.

The work and reputation of Newberry Architects is the result of a collaborative, passionate approach to design. The firm prides itself on working together as a team, developing its diverse internal perspectives with clients’ and consultants’ input to create personalized designs. Firmly believing architecture has a profound impact on people’s lives, the staff collectively shares the desire to offer designs and services tailored to each and every project.